Junior Infants

Junior Infants

Junior Infants teacher 2019/20:Eilise Dunne

Hello everyone,

I hope all are well. As always, the main thing for now is that everyone is safe and enjoying the time together.

For Junior Infants, I am going to use ‘Seesaw’ from now on to send some ideas on. This will allow everyone in the class to access more suggested work each week and to send work back, if the wish. Every child will be able to access this and join the class by following these steps:

  • Open the Seesaw Class app on iOS or Android or go to: app.seesaw.me
  • Choose I'm a student
  • Type in this code: MODB YMHA
  • Sign in with your Google account or your gmail and password

You will just need the code (MODBYMHA) once to sign up. Please note that this code expires on 23rd of April, so you will need to request a new code from me, via email, if you are joining after this date. You will then be able to use your email address and the password that you create to log onto the website in the future (so remember your password).

These activities are just suggested and there is no pressure on anyone to respond with completed work. Children should continue to practice sight words, letter sounds and reading each day (Mon – Fri).You can also keep using the ideas previously posted on the school website. Only you and the teacher will be able to see the work that you have completed on ‘Seesaw’.

If you have any problems with accessing or using this website, please email me at: msdunnesnndunlavin@gmail.com and we candiscuss it further.

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine!!

Many Thanks,

Eilise Dunne.

Junior Infants: Activities to do each day (Mon to Fri)
 Read a book every day (either one at home or online-
there are some available on oxfordowl.co.uk)
 Revise letters/words in folder every day
 Make 5 words every day using the letters in your folder
e.g. you call out cat and they have to put down the
letters c,a,t in order.
 One page of small maths book in folder every day
 Choose one activity from the lists below to complete
each day
Ms. Dunne.

These are some possible games to play/activities to do with your
English/ language/ memory games
-Eye spy: children find things of a certain colour/ that begin with a certain
letter sound
-‘My granny went to France’ game: it’s a memory game where the first person
says ‘My granny went to France and she brought me back a teddy.’ Then the
next has to say ‘My granny went to France and she brought me back a teddy
and a ball’ etc. and the aim is to remember as many things as possible.
-Odd one out online activity
-animal snap online activity
-spot the difference game
-Put out 5 objects and ask the child to show you the thing that starts with
the letter B etc. You can also get the children to close their eyes and you
remove one object. They have to remember which object was removed. You
could make this more difficult by adding more objects.
--alphabet ordering game online
-letter sound game online

-Play a memory game with letters/sight words-put 5 words on the table and
the child closes eyes. You take one away and they have to tell you which one.
-sight word games online
-practice writing a few of their words/letters
-letter formation online
-write simple words e.g. cat, van, car, man and they draw a picture of it.
-CVC spelling game online
-initial sounds games online
-beginning and final sounds game online
-retell a story in the correct order/drawing pictures for a story.
-make up their own story and write it together/illustrate it.

-play rhyming games, for example ‘I’m thinking of a word and it rhymes with
cat…yes, it was hat’ OR ‘ do these two words rhyme, DOG, DOT….no they
don’t rhyme’ or any other games you want to play.
-rhyming games online

-Make sets of toys/food etc. and count them. Write the correct numeral for
these sets.
-Put out a number of pictures/objects, the child closes their eyes and you
take some away. You can then ask them how many were taken away and how
many are left
-Do a shape hunt in your house taking photos or listing 2D shapes (square,
rectangle, circle, triangle) and 3D shapes (sphere, cylinder, cube, cuboid,
cone) that you find.
-Add sets, using pasta shapes or grapes or whatever is handy. Get the child
to put 2 in one cup, 3 in the other and when the pour them into a bowl, ask
how many are there altogether? Encourage the children to try lots of
different sums.
-Practice any number rhymes you know, for example, ‘1,2 buckle my shoe…’ or
‘1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive’. Or you could make up your own.
-Games like ‘what time is it Mr. Wolf’ and hopscotch help with number
-Sort toys/food etc. based on different criteria e.g. these are all wooden
toys and these are plastic/ these are all types of fruit and these are all
types of vegetables etc.

-weigh different objects using a weighing scales if you have one or if not,
just by feeling the object, and estimate which is heavier or lighter
-trace number on the child’s hand or back and they have to tell you which
number it is.
-‘sound of number’ game: Child closes their eyes and you drop some objects
into a bowl/onto a tray and they children have to count how many things they
hear dropping. They can then open their eyes and see if they were correct.
-other online maths games and ideas available at
https://www.themathsfactor.com/ (free registration at the moment)
-There are lots of maths vidoes on youtube (e.g. numberblocks and
numberjacks episodes).

Fine motor/other activities
-cutting/gluing activities/making art out of recycled materials
-writing their name
-draw a picture
-colour/paint a picture
-tracing pictures
-play dough activities
-planting in garden
-baking/ cooking with a parent

-youtube.com has ‘P.E. with Joe’ videos
- http://family.gonoodle.com/ has good ideas to keep kids moving

These are some website ideas to get ideas/games/worksheets from:

 https://www.twinkl.ie
Brilliant resources for lots of different topics. Usually it costs to join but
they are providing free resources for parents at the moment.
 https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/
Lots of e books to read here, grouped by age and ability
To lend a helping hand to schools and parents over the coming weeks Folens
are also giving access to all their digital resources and eBooks on
Parents, students and teachers can follow the steps below to get access:
1. Go to Folensie and click register
2. Select Teacher
3. Fill in a username, email and password
4. For Roll Number use the code: Prim20
 https://educateplus.ie/homestudy
Home Study page with free access for both primary and post primary
 iamanartist.ie
Great art/craft ideas
 ixl.ie
Lots of worksheets and questions to answer, based on age and topic
 theschoolhub.ie
You can sign up for a free trial and there are lots of activities here

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