3rd Class

3rd Class

Hello Girls and Boys,
I hope you are all in good spirits and continue to enjoy this glorious weather.Firstly,I would like to compliment the number of students who sent me the most wonderful drawings of wild flowers and weeds from your garden.They were really excellent.I was very impressed with the attention to detail in your work.Well done to you all.
The programme of work for the next two weeks is as follows:


Reading Comprehension; Deserts of Africa-Get Set pg 182

Suggest some background research in advance of the lesson and who better to look to only David Attenborough.You may have some of his DvD material at home already.BBC Earth series has some interesting videos on African Deserts also.

Read and discuss the lesson with a parent.
Locate the deserts on a map of Africa.
You can google the various desert animals mentioned on pg183 with your parent's help.
Complete A orally.Complete B,C and E in your copies.

Project Work:
Do you remember how we made a study of a camel face for our Nativity Scene last Christmas?I think it would be a good idea to do a little study on the dromedary camel now and you can put it all together in your scrapbook when it is returned to you .I will be very happy to look over any of your research work if you send it to me.

Continue to write two sentences each day as outlined in our previous plan of work.Why don't you be your own teacher and check over your own work for any spelling errors or words left out?This is a good skill to develop and will stand to you in the future.


Topic:3D Shapes.

The objective of this lesson is to explore,describe and classify 3Dshapes including cube,cuboid,cylinder,cone and sphere.We will also learn about two new shapes,the triangular prism and the pyramid.

It is time to root out your old building blocks!You can borrow them from a younger sibling.Failing that you can make your own 3D shapes!
I'm using some cotton buds and blu tack to make some of them.I managed to make a cube and later I made a square based pyramid.(see attachments).The blu tack was difficult to work with so I would suggest you use play dough if you have it.Start with the base and I would suggest that you wrap both ends of the cotton bud in blu tack/play dough before you begin construction.Best of luck with that!Better still,see can you come up with your own ideas to build some of these 3D shapes.Be sure to send me a photo of your efforts.I will award a little prize for the most creative ideas using whatever material is available to you at home.

Gather up a selection of boxes,containers and your own creations to represent the shapes listed on pgs152 and 153.Explore these shapes in terms of the number and shape of their faces.How many edges and corners do these shapes have? Think of something in the world around you that has these shapes.Do these shapes roll,stack or slide?Do any of these shapes have curved sides or flat faces?

When you flatten a shape out so that you can see all its faces,you can make what is called a net.TRY this with some of the empty boxes that you have collected.Make sure you have a variety of box types so you can see how they have different nets.

Work through the exercises from pg152 to p156.
Ps I was able to make a triangular prism using just a sheet of paper.Try making one yourself.

I am delighted to see that many of you are busy gardening and planting vegetables.Keep that up.Keep out in the fresh air doing what you enjoy best.Remember to keep reading too.A little and often is the way to go.
Stay safe and well.
Best wishes from Mrs Whyte.


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