3rd Class

3rd Class
3rd class programme of work-June8th-June 19th

Hello Girls and Boys,
Hope you are all keeping really well.Before I present our next and final batch of school work,I would first of all like to announce the winners in our recent 3D Construction Competition!

And the winners are.......
Mary Corrigan
Eve McDonnell
Eve Kehoe
Ciara Mullen
Charlie O Neill
Lucy Fadian
Well done to you all.I will leave a small prize for you on your desks.

Reading Comprehension- How It All Began pgI88
Read and discuss
Answer sections A,B,C and E orally for a parent.
Complete D,F AND G in your copies.
In week 2,revise the rules on how to form the plural of words that end in f/fe.
In week 2,Write a book report about your favourite fairy tale as outlined in H; Flights of fancy pg197

Dictation Exercises
Have your parents dictate 2 sentences to you each day as outlined previously.Sentence Sheet attached.


Know that a line of symmetry is the line where a shape can be folded so that both sides are identical.
Before you begin to complete the exercises on SYMMETRY,pgs133 -137,Planet Maths,give your child an opportunity to create symmetrical pictures.For example,simply fold pages in half and colour each half a different colour.Have them draw or cut out 2D shapes from magazines or old newspapers and fold them in half.
Get children to fold a blank page in half,open it and on one half of the page squirt a few blobs of paint.They then fold the page again,smooth it over and when they open it,the paint will have gone onto the other half and created a symmetrical picture.Encourage children to try and create a butterfly,a monster or an alien using this technique.
Children can also create their own symmetrical shapes using multi-link cubes.
Have your children look around your home and garden searching for examples of symmetry in man-made objects and in nature.Get them to record their findings.They can take photographs of their most interesting examples and send them to me,if they like.

Game;Symmetry Art-Follow the leader.
You work in pairs.You will each need a pencil and a piece of paper between you.
Your child will fold the paper in half,open it and place a small dot in the very centre of the page.
Your child is the leader and sits on the left.He/She puts their pencil on the dot and slowly starts moving it to create a simple drawing
You sit on the right and also put your pencil on the dot.You must follow the leader as if you are looking in a mirror.
You can swop over and let them know that the key is to always keep the pencils the same distance from the middle dot.Have fun and let me know how you got on!
Now you are ready to complete the exercises outlined in the chapter on Symmetry.Do a little each day.

Keep working on your tables-addition,subtraction and multiplication.We hadn't formally begun to do Division tables.You can revise your skip counting facts and you can ask- How many sets of 6 are in 48?for example.You can do this for all the numbers.

I have left out your copies ,art work and worksheets on your desks.I have also left your Scrapbooks.I suggest that you can paste in samples of your work into them ,in your own time.

Take Care.Keep well.
Best Wishes from Mrs Whyte.


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