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School report

Dear Parents

The school will be open on Monday next June 15 from 10am to 1pm. School reports will be available for collection during those hours. Parents should call to their child’s classroom and while picking up the reports they should also take home anything belonging to their child. That might inlcude books, copies, art work, jackets etc. We would also be grateful if book rentals could be returned. These books include My Read at Home/Leigh sa Bhaile (1-6 classes), the New Suit and Rocket readers (1st class),Planet Maths(4-6 class). History Quest, Geography Quest (3-6 classes), Oxford Readers (Inf-2nd class), Sails(Infant classes), Am don Leamh (3-6), Exercise your English(3-6 class).

Dunlavin Town Library are requesting a return of all books borrowed so could you please return to the classroom any library books that your child might have borrowed.

To facilitate social distancing as best we can we would ask that parents calling to 2nd,3rd,4th ,5th and 6th classes would approach the class from the external classroom door. These doors are best accessed from the side of the building near the large car park and from the yard that the children play on each day at the back of the school. Parents can then exit the classroom via the internal classroom door. For parents going to 1st class they should enter and exit via the main exit door opposite the classroom. Parents going to Senior Infants can enter the class as normal and can exit via the fire door in the class.Parents going to Junior Infants can enter and exit as normal.

We would really appreciate if parents could call between the following times using their surname initial as a guide as to when to call eg M for Murphy.

Families surnames beginning with A-G from 10am-11am.

Families surnames beginning with H-O from 11am-12noon.

Families surnames beginning with P-Z from 12noon -1pm.

Many thanks

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