Newsletter August 17

Newsletter August 17

Newsletter August 17

  • School will reopen at 9am on Thursday August 27 for all classes from Junior Infants to 6th Solas will reopen on Friday August 27. All rooms from 3rd to 6th class have been laid out so that we can achieve the maximum physical distancing possible. Each class will access their classroom from an external door and signs have been placed on these doors. The doors will open from 9am each day. Each classroom will be disinfected up to three times per day.The school day finishes for Junior Infants at 12 noon each day until September 11. From September 14 they will go home at 1:40pm.Senior Infants will go home at 1:40pm each day with all other classes going home at 2:40pm.
  • The entrance doors for 2nd, 3 Blue , 4th , 5th and 6th classes are located at the back of each room and can be accessed from the school yard and the area near the large car park. The access door for 3 Red is at the front of the school to the left of the main door as you look at the school from the small car park. 1st class will use the entrance door that class has always used and Junior Infants will use the access door that is nearest to their classroom. Senior Infants classroom can be accessed by walking around the classroom and locating the exit door on the far side of that Children for Solas will need to enter the school near the same entrance as Senior Infants.
  • Parents and visitors will only be allowed to enter the school at the main door and must sign the Covid tracking form which is located on the desk at the front door. Parents and visitors must wear facemasks on entering the school building.
  • The only exception to parents entering the school will be afforded to parents of Junior Infants when dropping their children on the first, second or third day of school. We ask that only 1 parent accompany each child and by Tuesday September 1 of next week we expect that all Junior Infant children will be met by their class teacher at the exit door and walk unaccompanied into the classroom. Likewise there might be an exception made for Solas parents where it is absolutely necessary for a parent to bring their child to that classroom.
  • Junior and Senior Infant classes will wear the school tracksuit each day while all other classes must wear a school uniform. The class teacher will let the class know when the PE day is on and children can wear a school tracksuit on those days. There is no requirement for any extra washing of school clothing. Children are not required to wear masks but staff will be wearing visors and/or masks when social distancing cannot be observed.
  • Where possible we would encourage children to walk, cycle or scoot to school. We have always welcomed parents into our school but under the current circumstances we hope that you understand our reluctance to have an open door policy for this school year. Parents can wait in the grounds at the front of the school each morning if this is necessary . If parents need to wait they must observe social distancing. We would appreciate if children could come or be dropped to school as near to the opening time as possible. We do not want large congregations of children in the school grounds before school starts.
  • At this stage the children are probably well versed in Covid etiquette techniques such as regular hand washing, cough and sneeze procedures, social distancing etc. We have hand sanitisers located in each classroom and on exit doors and will be encouraging the children to make good use of them. Please remind your children constantly of the need for good Covid prevention techniques.
  • Nora Halpin would like to do some preparation with last years 2nd class ahead of First Penance (Tuesday August 25 at 7pm) and First Holy Communion (Saturday August 29 at 11am). She will take the class in the hall on Friday next, August 21 from 11-12noon and on Monday August 24 at the same times.
  • If we suspect that a child has symptoms of Covid we will isolate them immediately, take their temperature and issue a face covering .Their parents will be called to take them to seek medical support. Children must not come to school if they are unwell, if they have been tested for Covid and are awaiting a test result or if they have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed or is awaiting a Covid test result. We must all be upfront and honest in our battle with this pandemic and not take any chances with our health or the health of others. Likewise it is highly likely that many of our staff will require tests during the school year and we will make every effort to ensure that they are temporarily replaced. If we are unable to provide a teacher for a class , having exhausted every option available to us , then it may not be possible for that class to attend on that day. In such a case as much notice as possible will be given to parents.
  • The staff will meet this week to look at our options in school that will help us keep our school Covid free. This might entail staggering breaktimes so that not all classes are at play at the same time, pods and bubbles within classes, agreeing on an online teaching tool in case the school is forced to close at any stage etc.
  • Regarding payment of school fees we would ask parents to hold back on payments for Music Generation and swimming lessons as we don’t know how or if they will proceed. Speech and Drama lessons will take place starting with lessons for 1st,2nd ,3rd , 4th and Solas until the end of January. Payment should be made in envelopes with the child’s name on the outside and please make a breakdown of what the payment is covering. We would prefer if the payment can be sent in with your child or if necessary made in person in the office but please ring the doorbell and sign in if doing so.

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